What is the most expensive french bulldog?

Several different breeds exist, and there are countless names for them. Some of the most popular are Micro Machine, Blue Fawn, Merle, Platinum, and Silver Fox. But which one is the most expensive? Read on to learn more about these dogs and their price tags. The Blue Fawn is the most expensive of all, with its name derived from Isabella, regnant of Spain.

Micro Machine

If you’re considering buying a French Bulldog, you’ve probably already heard of the Micro Machine. This dog is the same breed as the one Brad Pitt has and is worth at least $100,000. But how can you afford a dog this pricey? Here’s a look at some of the reasons a Frenchie might be expensive. First, consider the breed’s rarity. Some Frenchies are bred to look like other breeds. Those that are rare or in rare colors will be even more expensive.

Another reason the Micro Machine is so expensive is because it was once owned by 2 Chainz. The rapper acquired the dog in early 2015, and the dog has already appeared in music videos and a Viceland show hosted by the rapper. He also works out and eats a lot, and flies first class. It is also very famous in the dog world, as people have put as much as $10,000 on one of his puppies.

Another reason why the Micro Machine is the most expensive French Bulldog is its rarity and high price. It is worth over $100,000, which makes it an excellent choice for a celebrity who wants to show off his dog. Although the Micro Machine isn’t as rare as the Micro, it is certainly a dog for a celeb – or a millionaire who wants to make a fashion statement.

Despite the price tag, French Bulldogs can fetch anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000. Some coat colours, like Isabella (lilac) and Blue Merle, can fetch upwards of $8,000 or even $10,000. But the most expensive French Bulldog in the world is Micro Machine, owned by Brad’s Bullies in California. His blue coat and unique orange eyes are a testament to his rarity, and his pedigree has earned him an impressive $100,000.

Blue Fawn

A Blue Fawn French Bulldog has mostly fawn fur with a blue mask. The blue mask is one of the most distinctive features of this breed, and they are the most expensive of all Frenchies. They can be worth anywhere from four to ten thousand dollars, but because they are so rare, they may command a high price. In addition to the Blue Fawn, other color variations of the French bulldog include the Lilac Fawn, Black and Tan, and Merle and Tan.

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog is an extremely adaptable breed that requires very little space and requires minimal exercise. Although they don’t need much space, Blue Fawn Frenchies may produce a significant amount of dander, which can cause allergies in some people. A Blue Fawn French Bulldog doesn’t require a special diet, but it can be fed any type of food that is safe for dogs. Be sure to always use animal-approved toothpaste for this breed.

The health problems that Blue Fawn French Bulldogs can have include respiratory problems, heart disease, and allergies. These problems can make your dog more susceptible to infections and are caused by the narrow nostrils. Blue Fawn French Bulldogs are also prone to eye problems, allergies, and wrinkled skin. If you are planning on purchasing a Blue Fawn French Bulldog, be sure that the breeder you’re buying from has a proven track record.

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog is the most expensive breed of French Bulldog. This French Bulldog has blue fur on its face, ears, and muzzle. These Frenchies are highly sought after as pets. They cost around twenty-eight pounds and are equally sized to other toy breeds. In addition to being the most expensive, Blue Fawn French Bulldogs are also the most rare and expensive.


The Merle French Bulldog is one of the most popular types of French Bulldogs. This breed is not a very active dog, so a home with no children or active people may be a good choice for a merle Frenchie. These dogs are highly intelligent and alert, and can be easily trained. Despite the appeal of the merle color, merle Frenchies may occasionally become aggressive or obnoxious.

While the merle gene causes the dog to have blue eyes, it also makes its skin, paw pads, nose, and eyes pink. As a result, this Frenchie is extremely rare. However, its price does not reflect its rarity. The merle coat also causes a dog to be more prone to certain health conditions. The merle French Bulldog is also susceptible to eye defects.

Because of its rareness, the Blue Merle Frenchie is the most expensive of all French Bulldogs. The color of this Frenchie is a mixture of two base coat colors: chocolate and blue. However, the blue tint is diluted and the lilac color shows through. These dogs are known as the blue gene dog breed. Sadly, Blue Merle Frenchies are rare and expensive.

There is one serious drawback to the Merle French Bulldogs. Their blue eyes are very susceptible to severe eye problems and may result in blindness. Because of this, only a single coat Merle can be crossed with another Merle dog. Breeding two Merles together may result in „Double Merles,” which is genetically disastrous for both parents. It is important to remember that 25% of Merle French Bulldog puppies are double or homozygous.


The name of this breed refers to its rare color. While most French bulldogs are yellow, platinum, or red, the color of this breed is a little bit different. Regardless of its coloring, it is a registered dog. It will cost from four to ten thousand dollars. Unlike some of the other colors, however, this breed has no recessive genes. Breeders who are interested in getting a dog with platinum coloring should understand these genetic factors.

The platinum French bulldog is similar in appearance to a cream French bulldog, but it has lighter markings around its eyes, nose, and paw pads. It has a sleek appearance and a fun personality. Its coat is shiny and easy to care for, and it is not as heavy as other French bulldog colors. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a low-maintenance dog. If you’re thinking about getting a platinum French bulldog, be sure to consider the benefits of this breed.

The color of a Platinum French bulldog is very distinctive. This color is derived from a combination of three recessive genes located in the „E” locus, also known as ee. Non-Platinum French bulldogs do not have these genes. Therefore, the color of a Platinum French bulldog may be any color between white and apricot. However, the genetics of this coloring are not easy to find.

Although rare, the French Bulldog breed is popular and has an impressive range of colors. These color variants are often based on the combination of genes or their expression. While the colors of these dogs are generally rare, the French Bulldog breed standard specifies the most common colors. Some colors are considered so rare that they may not be available for adoption for several years. Breeders will often spend years breeding specifically for these colors and have only a small number of these dogs each year.


While the French bulldog has become synonymous with the color cream, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. A true cream French bulldog is actually two shades different than other color French bulldogs. Their coats may be near white or dark apricot, depending on the coat color. The difference between the two colors is largely due to genetics. The cream coat of a French bulldog is caused by a recessive gene (e/e), and both parents must be carrying this gene. It must be expressed in the offspring for the dog to be a true cream color.

Training your Cream French bulldog is relatively easy. The breed responds well to positive reinforcement, which means rewarding the right behavior. Their excellent sense of hearing and seeing make them excellent therapy dogs. However, training sessions should be short. These dogs have a fifteen-minute attention span, so if you’re planning on training your cream bulldog for several hours a day, keep your sessions short and sweet. Otherwise, they might become bored and not respond at all.

French bulldogs of this color are not rare, but they tend to cost more. It’s not hard to find a cream French bulldog for sale, but beware of breeders selling designer dogs. A cream French bulldog is listed as an acceptable color by the AKC. However, many people refer to them as „white” or „cream” rather than „cream.” These are not the same thing. A cream Frenchie is actually a shaded version of fawn, and the dilution gene is responsible for their coloring.

A true cream French Bulldog is born white. It may develop black edges on its body or paw pads. The nose will have a dark mask. Its eyes will change color to brown at about ten weeks of age. A true cream French Bulldog will have a black nose and dark eyes, while a platinum French bulldog will have black paw pads and pawpads. If you are buying a cream French bulldog, be sure to ask the breeder about the exact color of their eyes.

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