What is merle poodle?

Merle poodles have a dark coat with patches that fade or are diluted over time. They are not purebred and are known to be prone to blindness and deafness. The double Merle gene puts them at risk for both conditions. This makes them an ideal breed for families. Learn more about these amazing dogs by reading this article! It is sure to answer many questions about this lovely breed!

merle poodles have a dark coat with patches fading or dilution

A merle poodle is a type of poodle that has a diluted or fading coat. The merle gene creates a dark coat with random patches of varying colors throughout. As the dog ages, the patches tend to fade or dilution. A merle can have blue eyes and partly pink nose, but the patches are often irregular in size and location.

They are at a high risk of being born deaf and/or blind

The merle gene in poodles is partially dominant, requiring one copy for reproduction. However, when two merles are paired, the resulting puppies will have both merle genes and will therefore be double mers. Because the merle gene diluted the other colors in the puppy’s body, these puppies will be at high risk for deafness and blindness. Luckily, merles are not always deaf and blind.

They have a double Merle gene

A merle poodle is distinguished from its counterparts by a unique colored coat. Merles are dogs with a double Merle gene. This gene dilutes other colors, leaving dark patches that are undiluted. The merle coat gives the poodle a unique, beautiful appearance. Merle poodles are generally not blind or deaf, but they are more susceptible to some health problems than other poodle breeds.

They are not purebred

There are a variety of reasons why merle poodles are not purebrend. Historically, poodles were bred with dogs of all colors. This created the genetic pattern of the merle. Merle poodles are genetically rare compared to other poodle colors and, thus, are not purebred. These dogs can be more prone to eye and hearing defects and are not socialized well.

They can be registered with the AKC

Although not all Merle Poodles are registered with the AKC, there are still some benefits to owning a merle. The AKC will accept your pup for registration if you can prove that it is from registered parents. Often, Merle Poodles are registered as Black and Silver, or Brown and Tan. But, it is a good idea to check the requirements carefully before you register your pup.

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