How much should a pembroke welsh corgi weight?

You can easily tell if your dog is overweight or underweight based on his or her size and ribs. If you feel that the ribs of your dog are sharp and hard, then it is likely that your corgi is overweight. The ideal weight for your dog should be in between four and five on a scale of nine. The ideal body weight for a corgi is four to five pounds.

Size chart

The size of a Welsh Corgi Pembroke varies widely from individual to individual. A small breed weighs approximately 9 pounds, whereas a large one weighs about 22.1 pounds. Male Welsh Corgis usually stop growing at about 12 months, while females will not grow past about 14 months. The size chart below can help you determine the correct size for your dog.

Growth chart

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an unusual growth pattern compared to other breeds. In general, female dogs grow faster and reach adulthood sooner than males. As a result, female Pembroke Welsh Corgis are smaller than males. The average weight of a twelve-week-old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 10.8 lbs.

Average weight

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small dog that was developed in Wales in the 1100s. Its characteristic features are its short legs, perky ears, and docked tail. Their average weight ranges from twenty to thirty pounds, though this can vary considerably depending on the breed, average height, and age. A Pembroke’s typical size is 10 to 12 inches from shoulder to tail, and it is under thirty pounds in weight.

Tail docking

It’s common for Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies to have their tails docked so that they can meet breed standards. However, the origin of tail docking is unclear. It’s common for corgis to have their tails castrated as puppies are born, and the practice is common among all corgis. The AKC has not been averse to docking tails.

Activity level

The activity level of a Pembroke Welsh Cross is moderate to high. They do shed coats seasonally, but do not drool or poop. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are sociable, happy dogs. They enjoy cuddling with their owners and interacting with other dogs. They are not shy and will happily greet strangers when they come to visit.


Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi should get an hour of daily exercise, or more if your home is large. This energetic dog needs mental and physical stimulation to thrive. As a loyal watchdog, Corgis need plenty of attention, exercise, and mental stimulation. To help with their development, these energetic little dogs make great jogging companions. To start, introduce your puppy to walking and jogging. Short walks are a good way to introduce them to the benefits of physical activity, and you can gradually increase your dog’s walks and workouts as he grows.


Performing daily brushing and comb-outs will help maintain the healthy appearance of your Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The dog’s medium-length coat is both water-resistant and soft. Unlike other breeds, pembroke Welsh Corgis do not require a bath every single week. Regular brushing will keep the fur from matting and tangles.

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