Grey french bulldog

If you’re in the market for a new dog, a Grey French bulldog might be an excellent choice. Its appearance is both striking and dignified. In addition to being one of the most beautiful breeds of dog, it’s also quite rare. Although the breed is not popular, it does have a few unique characteristics that make it an excellent choice for many people. Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase:

A good choice for a family with children or older people, a grey Frenchie doesn’t require much exercise. They shed twice a year. This is a plus if you’re unable to provide a lot of exercise, and their small size is great for apartment dwellers who are short on space. However, they don’t do well in aeroplanes, as high altitudes can be stressful for them.

A grey French bulldog has a blue-grey coat, which is rarer than other Frenchie colors. These dogs have a diluted gene from both parents that turns their black color to a blue-grey pattern. Blue/Grey Frenchies have light to medium brown eyes, and some people prefer the softer shades of the breed. Blue/Grey Frenchies shed quite a bit of hair and are therefore expensive.

Another color of French Bulldog is blue. Although it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, this breed is popular with dog owners all over the world. The blue version is very affectionate and will try to gain your attention. However, blue French Bulldogs are not very trainable and are difficult to care for. However, they do make great pets for apartment dwellers. A downside of this breed is that they can be stubborn at times.

If you want to own a Frenchie with blue eyes, you should be aware that some breeders have exploited the popularity of this breed by selling it at sky-high prices. This is not a problem if you buy one responsibly from a reputable breeder. They are a very nice breed but they are very expensive. If you are serious about having a Grey Bulldog, you should be prepared to shell out quite a bit of money for it.

While the blue French bulldog is a great choice for those who prefer a lighter color, this breed is also available in fawn and bluish-grey. Blue fawn Frenchies have blue fur around the muzzle, eyes, and ears, making them a highly sought-after and rare breed. Blue fawn French bulldogs also share the double-recessive dilute gene that causes the dilution of the blue color.

However, the grey French bulldog is not a rare breed – they can cost up to $3000. Blue French bulldogs, on the other hand, are rare and can cost up to $5k. This rare color is an optical illusion caused by a lack of melanin. Therefore, the blue eyes aren’t real, but it still looks like a blue one. The price of a grey French bulldog is the same as that of a blue one – around $3000 or more.

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